יצירה Craft הרכבהיצירה Craft Paper Constructions הרכבה

Return of the Robots


Illustrated Paper Doll Mermaid

יצירה Craft Paper Constructions הרכבהיצירה Craft Paper Constructions

The Farm Kit

יצירה Craft Paper Constructions הרכבהיצירה Craft Paper Constructions הרכבה

Prickly Pear Cactus Kit


 Connect with your inner child  (:


Cooperating with somebody is an enriching and instructive experience for us, as it stimulates our creativity by allowing a different point of view in our design process. As a result of this observation, a unique project is created! As creators, it is highly important for us to keep a fresh approach, and to have an open mind to new and different ideas. Collaborations are actually connecting with other creative minds! We love to collaborate with various institutions and companies to create unique craft projects! So, we invite you to read all about our special collaborations!


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Our channel is a real celebration of creation! Would you like to learn more about how to construct our paper dolls kits? just pick and watch our fun enjoyable videos. in each video you’ll watch – you will get to know PaperCat’s products a bit better! When entering a video, you can watch how we present and construct each paper doll project. For example constructing a robot or the red airplane from the transportation booklet, and much more! Fun, Fun Fun!

The Farm kit

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