Our Story

We are PaperCat, and we LOVE paper!

PaperCat was founded in 2009 by Hadar Kimchy – a graphic designer/illustrator and Eitan Shiloh-
an industrial designer, who are also married. The idea behind ‘PaperCat’ started to develop when we felt the need to combine between our design fields (illustration/ graphic design & industrial design), and create something together. With the birth of our children, we started missing our childhood toys… Toys that were naive and colorful and mostly made of wood, paper or metal.

Now More than Ever

Especially today, in the era of fast “screens, we aspire to bring back “slow” joys. Our mission is to create products that bring back patience, working with hands, concentrating and deferred gratification. To create beautiful aesthetic products that also challenge to think, as well as to use motor skills and logic intelligence.
The material mostly used in PaperCat products is paper, since it is a very diverse material: it is accessible and known, it can be illustrated and printed on, it can bend and be folded, and by folding it- it can change from 2-dimensional to 3-dimensional product. And of course, it can be recycled which makes it ecologic.

Our Vision

PaperCat’s vision is to create designed and illustrated products, all made from paper or cardboard, that combine quality, sophistication and aesthetics. Products that have a nostalgic “feel” but with a twist, and encourage you to create and to think.


 Our sparkling new website is in the process of launching. If you experience any system bugs – we’ll appreciate it so much if you’ll tell us about it.