Cardboard creatures workshop – a collaboration between PaperCat and ‘The Holon Design Museum’

This workshop was developed especially for the Holon Design Museum, and had been successfully held for several years as a parallel activity for the museum’s exhibitions.
The workshop was planned according to principle of sustainability – that is, additional use of materials that already exist around us, in order to create a new product, different from what the product was before – thus expanding the material boundaries and opening a window to a new world of creative and surprising possibilities. And after all the brain-storming, sketching, cutting, gluing, drawing and coloring- it’s a MAGIC! The familiar cereals boxes had turned into amazing cardboard creatures!

Sustainability is the order of the day in the world in which we live today. Developed countries’ over-consumption is leading to great pollution all over the world. In the workshop we emphasized this principle, and showed how a cardboard box that is used as a packaging for cereals, continues to “exist” even later as a raw material used for creation. This is a maximized utilization of the material.

The materials we used are every-day materials that can be found in every home: boxes of cereal, screws, buttons, sequins, small decorations, stickers and of course markers and glue.

In order to create three-dimensional creatures – we designed special wooden drawing stencils with two types of layouts: a princess and a robot. Each boy and girl who attended the workshop could choose one of the stencils.

In the workshop we also talked about the box as an engineering body that is created from a layout, and how two-dimensionality becomes three-dimensional and vice versa.

The activities in the workshop combined an experience of creation and learning that is challenging, enriching and extremely enjoyable for the child and the parent. The result is a unique one-of-a-kind cardboard robot or princess that the child has assembled and decorated himself – a wonderful accomplishment!
The process of working on the cardboard creatures develops fine motor skills, accuracy and concentration abilities, along with imagination and creative thinking of the child.

Here are some examples of the wonderful carboard creatures that were created at our workshop:


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