Fine Motor Skills Importance

Fine Motor Skills- what are they?

Fine motor skills activityFine motor skills activityFine motor skills activity

Fine motor skills involve the use of the smaller muscle of the hands. The activities such as using pencils for drawing and coloring or cutting shapes with scissors.

Their efficiency influences the quality of the result’ as well as the speed performance.

These are learning abilities. The more fine motor skills activity is practiced- the more it becomes easier, faster and precise!

Why are fine motor skills so important?

These activities are crucial at younger age for a healthy child development. Further more, it is important to practice fine motor activities at all ages- to challenge and maintain a healthy brain.

These skills are essential for the development of any child- from toddler to adult. Especially today, when kids and adults spend many hours as passive viewers in front of screens, activities like pencil drawing, coloring, cutting and pasting, constructing objects – are extremely important for a healthy brain & body.

Nowadays, it is a fact, that screens can be addictive, for children and adults alike. So it is highly recommended to engage in these activities. They are also important for developing patience, concentrating and deferred gratification.

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End of construction

A sense of achievement comes at the end of construction. Incredibly important for a child’s self esteem!

And after all the labor, the imaginary play is as important as working with the hands.



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