Free coloring pages for crafting time – at our Printables Page!

Our FREE coloring pages for constructing wonderful paper toys are always there, for your child’s crafting time!

Put aside their screens! It’s time for fun creative time!

We have just updated our free coloring pages at our printables section!

Why to use coloring pages?

Because it is summer now. Kids are off school & and kindergarten. Yes, They have already done their (endless) screens time, they’ve played outside, and they even went to the zoo/beach/Grandma! And now… it is BORRRRING!!!!

Luckily, We are here to help!!!

It is the perfect time for crafting and creating! Set aside all distractions and let them create their wonderful paper toys!


Please prepare: coloring pencils/pastels/markers, scissors, and a simple glue (stick).

The importance of this activity

It encourages thinking and imagination, developing precision abilities and developing fine motor skills.

a girl coloring the preschool worksheets of the kitchen kit
a kid cutting out parts from the preschool worksheets kitchen kit

The Facts about this Activity

Working with scissors is a very important activity for the development of precision skills and fine motor skills especially in early childhood. It is important that you encourage your children to engage in this activity.

Fine motor activities are critical to a child’s development. However, it is important to practice different levels of fine motor activity at all ages – to challenge the brain and maintain its health.

Older people who engage in various creative activities – such as assembling objects, sewing and embroidery, painting while observing, and various crafts – also maintain their brain health beyond the enjoyment of the activity itself.

Evidently, fine motor skills are essential for the development of every child – from toddler to adult. Especially today, when children and adults spend many hours as passive spectators in front of the screens – activities such as painting, cutting and pasting, assembling elements, and activities that have order and work stages – are extremely important for the normal development of the brain, and body health in general.

OK, are you ready? 

Let’s get started! You can print from here.

At our Printables page you can pick and choose from our variety of paper toys: a princess, a knight, a mermaid, the kitchen fun kit, and some wonderful farm animals like: a cow, a sheep and a horse!

kids paper craft
colored horse from our printables page
colored cow
colored cow from Printables page


kids creative activity preparing a paper doll princesskids paper craftkids paper craft

Step 1 – Printing your chosen coloring pages

Print the PDF pages with your home printer. Try printing on a slightly thicker paper than the simple printer paper.

We recommend using a 170 gr. paper for best results.

If you do not have a thicker paper, No Worries! A simple printer paper will do the job too!

Step 2 – Coloring and Decorating

Once you have printed the pages, start coloring the pages!

Use markers, pencil paints, or pastel paints. You can also create nice patterns, use your imagination and creativity!

Step 3 – Shearing, Gluing and Assembling

Once everything is decorated, it’s time to cut the items! For best results- please follow the dotted line when using your scissors.

When all parts are ready, glue the parts. Use a stick glue according to the instructions on the page.

Finally, It’s time to play and have lots of fun!


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