Halloween decorations & Christmas decorations are here!!!

Halloween decorations & Christmas decorations

Yes, these Halloween decorations and Christmas decorations are available now!

Hurray! The Holidays season is back again!

Our Halloween decorations and Christmas decorations are a great choice for a wonderful holidays season!

How we love the holidays! The heart expands towards new beginnings, and we all have our wishes for a great new year!


Our lovely holidays decorations are beautiful paper garlands.

There are cute & scary pumpkins for Halloween, and adorable Christmas characters for Christmas.

Each of our colorful garlands is illustrated in great detail. The illustration of the characters in each chain was originally hand illustrated with brushes and acrylic paints.

In each chain there are 10 figures with the same theme.

Halloween decorationHalloween decorationsHalloween decoration package


The Halloween Decoration

This pumpkins paper chain is a wonderful decoration for Halloween!

There are different pumpkin characters with various vibrant colors and patterns: orange pumpkin, green dotted pumpkin, light blue pumpkin etc.

Each pumpkin has its own unique character – there’s a scary one with on-fire eyes, and a pawky one that winks. There’s a sweet smiling pumpkin with square teeth, and another smiling one with triangle eyes. All so lovely for this holiday atmosphere!

Want to see how this pumpkins garland opens?

Check out our channel and watch the opening action video, click here.

Christmas decorationChristmas decorationsChristmas decoration packageChristmas garland

The Christmas Decoration

The Christmas garland includes all those wonderful characters of Christmas: Santa Claus, the Christmas tree, the snowman, The Xmas angel, and Elf- Santa’s little helper!
Each Character is illustrated with the festive colors of Christmas- Red, White and Green!

The chain can be hang on windows, doors, walls, in kids room, and of course, on a Christmas tree.

Want to see how this garland opens?

Check out our channel and watch a the opening action video, click here.

Merry Christmas!

More info

Our garlands are printed on a wood-free paper {Cool! No trees were chopped down!!!}, and they are recyclable of course!

On our website all necklaces are sold in pairs. So if you order a unicorn necklace, you will receive 2 cases of unicorn necklace.

You can use just one garland and hang it in on a door, wall or window. Or you can connect 2 garlands together to create a longer chain.

Chains length: 84cm / 33inch
Character’s height: 12.5cm / 5inch
Character’s width: 8.5cm / 3.45inch

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