Pop-up Cards “Buildings of Tel Aviv” – An architectural cards series at Headstart!

Pop-up Cards “Buildings of Tel Aviv”

We recently uploaded our architectural pop-up cards “Buildings of the City Tel Aviv” as a crowdfunding project at Headstart website.

We are very excited about this project, as it is a real dream for us! A series of beloved buildings, which represent our beloved city. This is the city where we live and work as designers and residents.

Our project at Headstart was underway during July-August 2021.

About the project…

“Buildings of the City Tel Aviv” is a series of architectural pop-up cards. They are all a song of praise for Tel Aviv city since then until today!

Why pop-up cards?

A pop-up card is for us a dawn to a magical world. There are so many greeting cards and postcards that are simple paper cards.

However, opening a pop-up card and discovering that it becomes a three-dimensional structure in front of your eyes – that’s magic! It makes us open and close it again and again, like children (: trying to decipher the rise of the structure from flat to stable,  in all its glory. And for us, as designers- to design a pop-up card- that’s another wonderful field within the world of DIY projects in which we operate.

Why “Tel Aviv City Buildings”?

What Hasn’t been said about the architecture of Tel Aviv?!

Tourists who have visited it- return to visit it again and again! Because of the city, the places, the sea, the atmosphere, the people …

There are also architecture tourists who come especially to experience and observe the impressive cluster of international style buildings. We have so much sympathy for this city, (which is also a UNESCO heritage site), for being old and renewed, cheeky and elegant in the same breath! A city that treasures magical stories of buildings and people. It is the buildings and people that make it what it is.

Tel Aviv is our natural environment as designers, as a family, as spouses, and as residents.

The planning

During the planning of the series, we thought of “typical” Tel Aviv buildings. Buildings that represent Tel Aviv with all the changes during the years, since it was established in 1909. we found out it was very difficult to choose buildings for a series of 6 cards. It was important to us that each building represents something innovative in relation to the period in which it was created. It was also important to us that the chosen buildings are existing buildings. Buildings that stand proudly today, and can be toured and visited.

What does series include?

The series will include 6 architectural pop-up postcards of important buildings in Tel Aviv. Beit Ha’ir, Beit Bialik, Beit Litvinsky, Beit Liebling, Beit Yaakovzon and the Tel Aviv Museum.

The buildings selected for the series have been declared “for strict preservation”. They have been carefully renovated faithful to the original version in recent years. Some of them have been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site by the White City.

Each card that opens is a window to a magical world of historical architecture in the city of Tel Aviv.

The series celebrates the beautiful and special buildings of the city of Tel Aviv. Whether built in an eclectic style, or in an international style.

And there is also one special building built in the 21st century. It is the new wing of the Tel Aviv Museum. It was designed by the famous architect Prof. Preston Scott Cohen. It was opened to the public in 2011. It is a unique and different structure in the urban landscape. This building is unusual in this series because it is the newest.

The design

The pop-up cards were designed and planned with extreme care and fidelity to existing buildings. At the planning stage, it wasn’t easy to overcome the constraints of the material. Paper has a very rigid qualities. Also, the formality of the cut was an issue too. Eventually, we came to as good and accurate a form as we could.

Our pop-up cards can be used as greeting cards. We are debating what is more gratifying – to receive a pop-up card with a greeting? or to give one to a close person …?

This pop-up cards collection is a wonderful gift for design & architecture lovers, fans of urban history, and of course for all the people who LOVE Tel Aviv!

Hot News! Since our crowd-funding project was a great success- the pop up cards series was produced! you can now buy them at our shop here!

The series can be purchased here at our website, as singles or as a 6 cards series in a special price!

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