Unicorns! Our NEW and fantastic paper garland!

Unicorns are the stars in children’s dreams!

Now, finally- dreams can come true!

We are so excited to announce the launch of our new and amazing unicorns garland!

What is it about unicorn- Horses with wings- that children love so much?

Is it their rainbow pastel colors? Their luscious hair? Or their gentle character?

We believe it is the combination of all. It’s the beauty, the charm and the gentleness that makes us all fall in love with unicorns.

These mythological creatures make kids happy all over the world!

Because we too, believe in their magic, we decided it’s time to create another delightful paper chain- our beautiful unicorns!

About the design process of the unicorns characters

The process of making paper garlands always start with illustrating. We made lots of sketches, until we found what we were looking for.

Above all, it was most important to transmit the “magic” atmosphere they bring.


So that whenever kids open this garland – it makes them smile!

In parallel to illustrating, the shape of the garland was carefully planned. We wanted to have every couple of unicorns facing each other, like 2 best friends.

The colors of this garland are soft rainbow colors, from light pink to light blue and purple.

The set contains 2 garlands. You can hung one garland alone, or attach two together to create a longer chain.

So whether you are planning a wonderful unicorns party, or just looking for a lovely decoration- have a look at this amazing garland!

Come visit the unicorns garland page here.

Lastly, we want to share with you a little secret…

Along with the charming unicorns, we also printed another batch of our beloved ballerinas and princess garlands!

Yes, waiting is over! The pinky ballerinas AND the joyful princess are back in stock!

You can find the ballerinas garland here, and the princess garland here.

Enjoy our new and home-coming garlands!


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